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Happy Holidays -- Catch Up On 2023 Before 2024 Begins!

Dec 22, 2023 1:17:48 PM

DCS DIGEST - December Edition

Happy Holidays

Thank you for a great year. Amazingly, it has already come to a close. Yet, looking back, it is incredible how much we have done this year together.

2023 brought with it 10 webinars that spanned CAD toolkits, to bridging the gap between mechanical and finite element analysis. We took a tour of the Control Messe show in Germany, brought back our guest Daniel Dreseman for some high-end visualization and craftsmanship, and closed with the release of 3DCS version 8 and SPC walkthroughs.

With Sandvik bringing DCS closer together with our new sister companies Metrologic Group and DWFritz, the new year promises to have exciting developments, new solutions, and connected offerings that will bridge the gap between design, metrology, and manufacturing.

We look forward to seeing you in the new year at the Control Show Messe, IMTS 2024, and 3D CIC shows, as well as our 2024 Webinar Series starting in January with a new presenter, Paul Vickers, to open the year with discussion on how to leverage your data for quality improvement.

In the meantime, don't forget to catch up on everything you might have missed from 2023!

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Data Driven Decision Making - Webinar On-Demand

Automate your quality for fast access to the data you need for important quality decisions

The QDM SPC Platform offers you the convenience of accessing your quality information from anywhere and anytime. It enables you to automate your quality collection, reduce costs and monitor your quality in real-time with powerful SPC tools.

This webinar will showcase some example workflows that demonstrate how automated quality processes can help address common quality issues in manufacturing.

In this webinar, you will learn how to collect, standardize, and monitor supplier part quality. You will also find out how to keep an eye on plant quality in real-time and swiftly resolve production problems by addressing alerts and issues. Additionally, you will see how QDM can help keep your entire team up to date on quality levels, from the plant floor up to plant and quality managers.

This webinar will include live software walkthroughs that will provide you with a clear understanding of the ways automated quality can help improve your efficiency and save you time and money.

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Snapshots From the Blog

More From DCS and Its Partners

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Metrologic Group


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Metrologic Group

"I would like to say a big thank you to our people, our customers, our partners, and of course our Sandvik colleagues."

Laurent Monge, President, and the whole Metrologic Group team wish you a very happy holiday season and a merry Christmas.

Sandvik Launches New Branding and Logo

Today, Sandvik presents a new visual identity. It highlights the company's commitment to lead the shift towards digitally driven and automated industries, and it is developed to suit the current position of the company as a technology leader enabling improved productivity, efficiency, and sustainability for its customers.

Over the past few years, Sandvik has implemented a new strategy and defined a common purpose: We make the shift – advancing the world through engineering. This, in combination with fundamental changes like strategic acquisitions and the 2022 listing of business area Sandvik Materials Technology has reshaped the company and secured a strong foundation for the future.

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Need Help Getting Started with 3D Tolerance Analysis?

Let DCS Help

GD&T, Modeling Services, Training, Advanced Support

At DCS, we strive to provide our customers with the help and support they need to succeed. Find out how DCS can help you jumpstart your quality initiatives and meet your goals on time and under budget.

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