Digital GD&T Series -- Webinars and Articles Showing How Embedded GD&T Supports Model Based Definition MBD

Oct 4, 2018 2:48:50 PM

Using Model Based Definition with Embedded GD&T - Webinar and Article Series

Learn how to use 3DCS and QDM Software to support PLM and MBD beginning with embedded GD&T 

Model Based Definition - MBD - utilizes CAD to drive product development and manufacturing processes. 

Model Based Definition is the use of CAD to define the manufacturing information - process and part - instead of traditional drawings. The CAD model is then referenced throughout the product life cycle as standard process, while creating and using 2D drawings becomes the exception instead of the norm. 

Digital GD&T Webinar Series

Part 1: September 27th - How to Create Embedded GD&T in CAD

Part 2: October 17thGD&T Applications in Modeling

Part 3: October 25th with Quality Digest - Using Embedded GD&T to Drive MBD 

Part 4: November 29th - Supplier Quality...for Suppliers

Part 5: December 13th - Iterative Design and Logic - Using Iteration Move and Mechanical Moves 


Missed Part 1 on Sept 27th? View the Recording HERE 


Using Model Based Definition with DCS Solutions


DCS Solutions utilize Model Based Definition to support quality across the Product Lifecycle. 

This equates to:

  1. Creating and Validating GD&T

  2. Optimizing Designs and GD&T

  3. Creating Perceived Quality Studies (to set tolerance objectives)

  4. Simulation for Design Iteration

  5. Model Based Measurement Plans

  6. Real-Time Inspection

  7. Automated and Custom Reporting

  8. Root Cause Analysis Tools

    1. -- Data Based SPC [QDM PDA]

    2. -- CAD Based with Plant Data [Closed Loop with 3DCS]

  9. Monitoring Production and Validating Quality Objectives 

DCS will be demonstrating over the next 6 months how to use 3DCS and QDM to support these activities, with tips, how-to's, webinars and articles. 

Join the webinar to gain access to all the sessions with one registration


Missed Part 1 on Sept 27th? View the Recording HERE 


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