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DCS Proudly Presents Agile Cloud QMS for Document Management and SPC Reports to Manufacturers at the Chicago Quality Show

Oct 19, 2021 3:19:26 PM

Dimensional Control Systems will be presenting a live quality management system to showcase how easy it is to automate your quality management system to keep your team informed, and your quality excellent.


DCS is proud to sponsor the Quality Show, a combined virtual and in-person event dedicated to connecting quality manufacturing professionals with process improvement vendors for all things quality – QMS, SPC, measurement, inspection. Thousands of manufacturing professionals and engineers come to network, attend education sessions, and bring back solutions that can immediately improve quality in their manufacturing. The 3-day event, hosted at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL, will go from Tuesday October 26th to Thursday October 28th, 2021.
DCS supports advancements in QMS by bringing cloud Quality Management Systems (QMS) to manufacturers across the world. QDM Cloud (https://www.3dcs.com/automated-spc-systems-qdm/system-overview) takes advantage of the cloud to provide set up in hours instead of days and puts all of your quality at your fingertips regardless of where you are in the world. All this, plus security you can trust to keep your data safe at an affordable price. 

Why use the Cloud? Most QMS systems require labor-intensive maintenance and updates that drive your IT group crazy. On top of this, traditional Quality Management Systems are also difficult to change, grow, and customize for your unique environment. Compounded by the high costs for the system itself, and the difficulty of getting actionable information from it quickly, make traditional QMS expensive, time-consuming, and slow. 

Good data is accessible, readable, useful, and believable...We used QDM, and called it DDP, to provide the data and information [at Stellantis]”

— Chris Slon, Stellantis Technical Fellow

QDM Cloud combats these problems by putting all of your quality at your fingertips in real-time, with easy setup and tools for your team to quickly add new inputs, reports, dashboards, and alerts, all the while reducing your need for maintaining the system to zero. With no need to maintain, update, or fix the system, your IT is free to do its job rather than simply keep things working. This, on top of QDM's legendary speed of delivery for quality data and SPC reports, means your quality team stays agile, up-to-date, and informed. Powerful root-cause analysis, problem-solving, and document management tools complement this to create a complete quality solution for your entire enterprise, big or small. 


DCS will be partnering with inspection device maker FARO to showcase QDM Cloud live at the Quality Show. By scanning, inspecting, both automatically read into the quality management system and standardized for use, or manually entering data, QDM Cloud compiles, mines, and reports your quality information to you. Leveraging your CAD and drawings to display your SPC reports with 3D images of your products provides instant context to the information, immediately calling attention to where a part has non-conformance, as well as which part, when it was made, which machine, and which operator, providing all the information quality teams need to identify problems in manufacturing, and quickly resolve them.

Visit DCS’ booth 1920 to learn more about Cloud quality management systems, or try it yourself with a free trial offer for QDM Cloud at https://www.3dcs.com/automated-spc-systems-qdm/modules/qdm-gateway-central-database



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