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Looking for an Easy Way for Suppliers to Share SPC Quality Data?

DCS is hosting a free webinar event demonstrating an easy method of sharing quality data 

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Waste vs. Scrap, One and the Same?

Waste vs. Scrap, One and the Same?

Waste and Scrap. You will hear your management talking about it constantly. It costs a lot of money to manage, and is imperative to constantly battle against.

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CATIA V5 Selection Trap, Get to Those Hard to Reach Places

Complex Models Making It Hard to Select Features? 

Selection Trap allows the user to quickly select features in difficult to see locations. Using this featur ein CATIA V5 can speed up modeling of complicated parts and assemblies, which may be difficult to manipulate.

Dimensional Analysis taking forever because you are struggling to click on points?

Ever feel like your geometry is filled with bottomless holes?

Can’t click the bottom of that hole for a hole and pin?  

Complex geometry making it difficult to connect points and set up moves? 





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Scrap: Lost in the Trough - How Much Are You Losing to Waste?

Scrap, Lost in the Trough

 It can be surprising to see how much scrap and waste is  produced in manufacturing. 

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