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Webinar: Create Graphical SPC Reports in 30 Seconds!

by Benjamin Reese, on Dec 3, 2013 11:53:00 AM

Use your CAD with your inspection data to create graphical SPC reports in moments. 


Free Webinar Event

Date: Thursday, December 12th. 2013

Time: 11:00 AM EST


Dimensional Control Systems, Inc. (DCS) is hosting a free webinar event on December 12th at 11 AM EST, 2013. This event will demonstrate how companies can leverage their current systems and processes with simple tools to streamline and automate SPC quality report generation, allowing quality professionals to create their reports in less than a minute.   

How long does it take for you to create a report from inspection data? Do you look at stacks and stacks of data from your CMM machines and inspection software? What if you could quickly import that data and have a report in your hand in less time than it would take to print it. 


SPC Quality Report


Set your choice of charts, locations and images. Compose index pages for quick evaluation of design and manufacturing processes. View your Cp, Cpk, Pp and Ppk and quickly compare data. 

This 45 minute webinar is free to register, and shows how easy it is to use current processes and systems with some small tools to streamline the quality report process and greatly reduce the time to create graphic reports incorporating CAD parts and inspection data. With lots of optional enhancements, make your reports specific to programs, company branding, chart types, specific graphics and more, or set up your system to automatically format your reports. 


Create Interactive IndiciesModify SPC Data Charts



Trend charts? Run charts? Your choice. Change it, and create a new report. 


Quickly Change Features, Locations, Chart Types

Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic, Any Industry


“Inspection data is often deciphered and compiled, then analyzed and put into reports manually,” said Jamie Dutton, Dimensional Application Engineer at DCS. “This normally takes days or weeks, but with a small tool from DCS, this process can be reduced down to seconds. An engineer dropping off inspection data can get a report into his hands before he’s even left the quality office.” 

With many ways to customize the data, make your reports show the data you want to see, and in the layout best suited to your goals.


Register below to take advantage of this great event. 

Can't make the live event? Register to receive the recording of the event by email within 48 hours of the event date. 


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