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3DCS Tutorials - Conditional Logic 1 - Starting to Use Conditional Logic

May 15, 2024 3:17:25 PM

Conditional Logic – The Basics

               The main purpose of building tolerance analysis models is to add measurements that provide valuable results. Those measurements can be used to validate the design, identify potential issues or add refinements to improve results. But that’s not all measurements can be used for.


Sometimes as assemblies are brought together, areas of importance are measured to make sure they are within specification or that certain conditions are being met before the assembly sequence continues. If a specific condition is not being met it is common for an adjustment to be made to the assembly that will improve results, which will in turn bring an area of importance into an acceptable condition. The way 3DCS handles these adjustments or conditional checks is by using Conditional Logic.

The inputs for Conditional Logic are a Measure (as mentioned above) and a Move (could be any type of Move within 3DCS). When 3DCS is applying its sequence of Moves, it will eventually arrive at our Move with Conditional Logic applied to it. At that point, 3DCS will query the Measure to determine if the Move should be executed or skipped for that specific virtual build. This allows 3DCS to execute specific Moves on only a portion of our virtual builds rather than on all of them.


In this video the user will be introduced to using Conditional Logic with a basic example. A simple two part model that has one condition that needs to be met. In this case, the condition is to not have any interference at two different locations. This video will walk the user through how the model works and how to set up a measurement correctly that will be used in the Conditional Logic portion of the move operation. After watching this video the capability of Conditional Logic will be demonstrated to the user and its application of use will then be more apparent. A concept that will be expanded on further in future videos using Conditional Logic.


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