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Worst Case Tolerance Analysis Webinar Now On-Demand

by Benjamin Reese, on May 3, 2018 3:01:17 PM

Worst Case Tolerance Analysis 

Part 4: 3DCS Version 7.5 Series

Find more about Worst Case Tolerance Analysis, 1D vs 3D, 3D vs. RSS with example models and the 3DCS Worst Case DLL. 

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Worst Case tolerance analysis is where each individual tolerance is set to a point in its range (typically a tolerance limit) where it will result in either the maximum or minimum output at a specific measured location.

Statistical Worst Case

A Worst Case analysis is the only way to guarantee that an assembly of good detail parts will not be out of specification. However, in most cases, a statistical analysis gives the results needed to make decisions and reduce manufacturing costs.

Learn how 3DCS calculates, analyzes and answers Worst Case tolerance analysis.

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Find out about:

  • What is Worst Case?
  • Worst Case 1D vs Worst Case 3D
  • Worst Case vs RSS
  • GeoFactor Analyzer Worst Case
  • Simple Example in 3DCS
  • Worst Case User DLL
  • Larger Example in 3DCS 


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