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Learn to Optimize and Save Time with 6 Tools in AAO Add-on for 3DCS

Jan 25, 2023 4:48:53 PM

3DCS AAO Webinar

Advanced Analyzer and Optimizer Add-on

The 2023 Webinar Series starts with a deep dive into advanced analysis and optimizers, showcasing how AAO can give you answers while making your life easier

Presented by Senior Dimensional Engineers Maria Harangus and Gary Bell

2023 AAO Webinar for 3DCS

Take a look at the Agenda:

  1. Locator Sensitivity Analyzer [LSA]
  2. Datum Optimizer [DO]
  3. GeoFactor Analyzer [GFA]
  4. Critical Tolerance Identifier [CTI]
  5. Tolerance Optimizer [TO]
  6. Sequence Optimizer [SO]

So, Why Use AAO - Advanced Analyzer and Optimizers Add-on for 3DCS?

  • The Monte Carlo results predict what problems an assembly will have.
  • The Sensitivity and GeoFactor results predict why those problems occur.
  • AAO recommends solution alternatives to those problems:

   LSA + DO: Find the best datums and use them as locating features - coordinate datums.

AAO - Tool 1 - LSA

   GFA: Visualize the relationship between each tolerance/measure pair.

   CTI: Identify the critical tolerances in a model.

   TO: Achieve the best quality at a minimum cost.

   SO: Find the best clamping/welding sequence for overconstrained assemblies.

Learn How Each Optimizer and Analyzer Can Help Your Modeling Projects

AAO is a toolbox of advanced tools that help you find solutions quickly, saving you time and effort. This webinar will show how each tool can be used with your model and the benefits of using it. Of course, AAO comes with the entire toolbox, so there is no need to worry about which ones to get. Each license provides all SIX tools for your team. 

Join us for the live event or sign up to receive the On-Demand link directly to your inbox

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