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How to Talk to an Executive Team - Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone - Effective Communication Coaching

Paul Vickers
Jun 29, 2023 10:00:00 AM

How to Talk to an Executive Team


Paul Vickers, Sr. Dimensional Engineer, and DFSS Master Black Belt


Improving communication with your leadership team will help your team deliver quality results on time with better business outcomes.  Following a simple model you can meet your goals, positively impact the business and leave the executive team with a positive impression of you!  


The key to effective communication with your executive team is
●    Be brief
●    Be bright
●    Be gone.

This blog highlights how and why this simple model will help you and your teams achieve better communication outcomes.  This strategy will help you create an intentional and impactful interaction with your leadership teams.

Be Bright

Executives are interested in results.  Executives are not interested in your tale of woe.  Work is supposed to be hard.  That is why it is called work and not play.  So be positive and develop the executive’s confidence in you to get the job done.  

No matter how hard the task, show progress.  Show a path to a brighter future.  For example, when reporting on a launch problem, if I didn’t have the root cause identified,  I could show all the potential root causes which have been eliminated by test and what activities are planned next.   The executive team saw positive progress.

If you focus on the negative, the executive team will perceive you as negative!  If you focus on the positive, they will see you as positive.

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