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CENIT Provides SIEMENS Users Insight Into Tolerance Analysis at SIEMENS PLM Connection Conference

Jun 27, 2023 10:00:00 PM

CENIT Answers Questions About Quality at SIEMENS PLM Connection

CENIT, a DCS VAR, provided insight into connected workflows for driving Model Based Definition across PLM at the SIEMENS PLM Connection Event

As the sole provider of complete quality, CENIT, through their preferred partner status with DCS, a SANDVIK company, was able to provide answers to attendees about what to do about quality issues, and how to reduce operating cost in this tumultuous time of difficult, and expensive, supply chains and inflation. 

CENIT provided a look into a complete end-to-end process that gives a true business case to digital transformation, with customer stories that back it up. 

CENIT's complete solution was unique

**** You can read the white paper about this process written by CENIT engineer Ulrich Decker by clicking here ****


from the PLM USER GROUP Website

The PLM User Group encourages Siemens PLM Software users to work together to advance and optimize the software products and increase their efficiency in use. The user group offers the possibility for the software manufacturer Siemens and the users to get in touch in order to exchange ideas.

There is a special focus on the annual Siemens PLM Connection Germany, which offers a platform for communication between users, service providers, and the manufacturer. This communication option is unique in Germany and provides a unique network.

CENIT offered real quality discussions

In 2023, the live event in Seeheim-Jugenheim will be complemented by a live transmission of the lectures with TEAMS . Users were able to take part in the event either on-site or from the comfort of their home office/office and benefit from the exchange and networking, true to the motto "from users for users". 

The event was opened by top-class keynote speakers, followed by practice-oriented users, and specialist lectures, as well as news directly from the manufacturer Siemens Digital Industries Software. There were also hands-on workshops, guided tours, and various discussion rounds for active exchanges with other participants.

The conference offered contributions on the following topics: Teamcenter, simulation, CAD, ECAD, production, data exchange, teaching and research, system management, medical technology, Polarion, and much more.

After the user conference, the recordings and presentations of the lectures are available to you in the members' area on their website, so that you can catch any that you might have missed. 

See what CENIT was talking about by reading their whitepaper --> FREE


CENIT Digital End to End


Industriestrasse 52-54, 70565 Stuttgart

Contact information : n.meyer@cenit.com / 0711-78253-0

CENIT shapes sustainable digitization. With CENIT at their side, customers have extensive opportunities to optimize their horizontal and vertical business processes. Innovative technologies from the areas of product lifecycle management, digital factory and enterprise information management create the basis for this. The competence of the CENIT consultants arises from the combination of interdisciplinary process understanding and in-depth technical expertise. The end-to-end consulting approach gives CENIT customers the security that their solutions are created with an understanding of their entire value chain.

As a partner with a holistic approach to its customers, CENIT assumes responsibility for everything from advice and the introduction of innovative IT solutions to economical operation. The CENIT team adapts to the specific situation of the company and thus ensures the practical relevance that makes measurable operational optimization possible in the first place. For more than 30 years, CENIT has been realizing competitive advantages for well-known customers in key economic sectors.

CENIT employs around 1,000 people who serve customers worldwide from the automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, tool and mold making, financial services, retail and consumer goods sectors. www.cenit.com

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