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How to Tackle QIF with Your Quality Management System (QMS)

Mar 16, 2022 2:55:00 PM

QIF Tech Series Coffee Chat

March 22 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

DMSC QIF Tech Series How to Tackle QIF with your Quality Management System by Dimensional Control Systems

Presentation Topic:
How to Tackle QIF with Your Quality Management System (QMS)

Presented by:
Thagu Vivek (Dimensional Control Systems)

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--- Abstract ---

Learn how the Quality Information Framework (QIF) streamlines the process of metrology data format variability in an extended manufacturing enterprise, and how adopting a QIF framework provides an efficient mechanism for Metrology results collaboration. Adopting QIF documents as a standard data format for processing provides QMS systems the ability to integrally connect with the product life cycle to leverage Model-Based Enterprise. The discussion focuses on adopting QIF Results as the standard for processing Metrology results by QMS systems to manage quality data from the various metrology tools within the company and the extended suppliers’ network.

thagu-vivekThagu Vivek has worked in the quality space for over 10 years. As the QDM Product Manager at Dimensional Control Systems, Vivek has been the driver for advancing statistical process control SPC software systems and solutions. Working with major clients around the globe including Jaguar Land Rover, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Tower Automotive, and major suppliers in Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Device, and Electronics, Vivek has been instrumental in helping establish efficient, affordable SPC systems to monitor quality and ensure higher quality performance.

Additional certifications and specialties include:
  > Certified program management professional (PgMP) with 6 years of program management experience focused on benefits delivery and ROI.
  > Certified Six Sigma Black Belt manager, with 16 years of hands-on experience in business process automation, operating cost reduction, and quality control.
  > Certified Program Management Professional and Six Sigma Black Belt with MBA – Corporate Strategy, with a very strong engineering background.

About DCS
Dimensional Control Systems DCS develops 3D tolerance analysis and SPC quality data software, along with GD&T and modeling services, to help OEM’s, suppliers, and manufacturers reduce scrap and rework while improving product quality.

DMSC - Digital Metrology Standards Cosortium

The Digital Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC) member QIF End Users & Solution Providers present QIF Tech Series topics monthly through November 2022.

The webinar series will focus on QIF-centric topics and related subjects related to Digital Manufacturing such as Model-Based Enterprise (MBE), Model-Based Definition (MBD), GD&T, and more. The 20-30 minute presentations may be introductory level or more advanced content and are intended to educate a broad variety of QIF implementers or future users. There will be a 15 minute Q & A session after each of the presentations.

Webinar technical content is provided by both QIF End Users and QIF Solution Providers with the goal of sharing real-life QIF or related implementations by advanced manufacturing operations.

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