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Feb DCS Digest - Feedback Survey, Optics and Best Fit Webinar

Feb 21, 2023 4:13:49 PM
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DCS DIGEST - February Edition

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3DCS Best Fit and Optics Analysis - Beam Direction, Optical Sensors, Autonomous Controls Applications

The team at DCS will be presenting a detailed walkthrough of analyses focused on Best Fit scenarios for Locators, as well as controlling variation for sensor and beam projection in addition to a series of advanced functions for modelers

February 23rd, at 11 am EST, DCS will be presenting a free webinar on advanced modeling techniques that include a number of use cases that clearly show how tolerance analysis plays a role in far more than gaps and flushes. 

A simple agenda belies a packed event:

  1. Best Fitting Complex Assemblies
  2. Light Projection and Optic Analysis
  3. Advanced 3DCS functionality

The Best Fit Move Gives You Solutions to Complex Assembly Issues

The Best-Fit move can fit multiple object parts to the target part(s). The object parts are independent from each other if points on each object part are used to locate each of them.

In addition to Best Fit, a number of advanced techniques will be shown and discussed -->

  • Dynamic MidPoint - Basic function is creating a midpoint between two points
  • Avg pt Move - Moves a point to the average center created by multiple points (DLL)
  • Iteration Move - Rotate or translate a part to converge onto a desired measurement value
  • MTM groups - Group MTMs to organize and simplify your navigation tree (MTMs - Moves, Tolerances, Measures)
  • Combination Measure - Add, Subtract, or find the Minimum or Maximum value of a group of Measurements
  • Non-Output Measurements - Maintain a measurement as active but not output it in the final results
  • Model Variants - Used to change the model to a different scenario quickly using different Moves, Tolerances, or Measurements
  • Hide/show feature - Clean up your graphics for easier understanding
  • Mesh color control - Offset part mesh colors in your graphics for easier understanding

Optical Alignment Analysis for Beam Direction, Sensors, and Controls

Similar in scope to Valeo's presentation at the DCS User Conference (you can find a summary here) which controlled for dimensional variation that influenced the projection of the user interface on the windshield of a car, this model focuses on how dimensional variation affects the beam direction of a headlight, providing methods to control the variation and ensure proper beam projection.

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DCS Presented Advanced Tolerance Analysis

DCS was proud to be at this year's 3DEXPERIENCE World Event. Despite its smaller size than the last time DCS attended, all the way back in 2020 before the pandemic, the event was well worth the trip. With fewer overall attendees, our team was able to spend more time with guests and have far deeper conversations than elevator pitches and rough summaries. This brought a great deal more value to the event than if it had been crowded with attendees just interested in seeing what was new.

The DCS Team - Ethan, Ben, plus our guest Madison from Metrologic, and DCS Partner Sidney from TECMES Brazil

In-Person and Virtual Presentations

With a more intimate group, the presentations provided an opportunity to not only learn from esteemed professionals, and experienced SOLIDWORKS users, but to spend time afterwards with the presenters to learn more. With downtown Nashville only a block away, it offered a chance to go out for dinner with professionals and colleagues from across the spectrum of industries and hear many crazy stories about manufacturing and design issues -- the ones we like to hear most (and then help prevent from ever happening again!).

CENIT -- DCS Partner CENIT Provided Insight Into PLM Workflows and Efficiency


FIGEAC AERO Reduced Inspection Times by 75%

3D measurement by CMM: 4 times faster inspection at Figeac Aero using Silma and Metrolog X4!

A leader in aeronautical subcontracting, Figeac Aero is involved in almost all ongoing civil aeronautical programs. The company has been continuously growing since it was founded in 1989. With a strategy built around performance and investment into the industrial machinery, it's no wonder that Figeac Aero keeps one step ahead of the competition.

Quality assurance is a top priority for Figeac Aero, this drive for quality helps differentiate their competitive advantage. The company recently invested in a new three coordinate measurement machine (CMM). The CMM interfaces with Metrolog and Silma X4, Figeac Aero choice for 3D metrology software. As a result, this technological mix led to outstanding improvement of 3D quality inspection within the company. The 3D control team shared their experience on using Silma and Metrolog X4 and insights of this unique application.

Complete inspection time: From 20 hours to 5 hours

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