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AIAG Quality Summit - DCS Brings Affordable Connected Quality and Compliance QMS to Manufacturers

Oct 5, 2021 11:45:31 AM

aiag-logoDCS to Demonstrate Connected QMS  for Automotive Manufacturers

Virtual Event - October 5th and 6th

AIAG Quality Summit

DCS brings advanced cloud Quality Management Systems (QMS) to manufacturers across the world. QDM Cloud takes advantage of the cloud to provide set up in hours instead of days, makes the cost hundreds instead of thousands, and puts all of your quality at your fingertips regardless of where you are in the WORLD. All this, plus security you can trust to keep your data safe. 

Most QMS systems require labor-intensive maintenance that drives your IT group crazy, while also being difficult to change, grow, and customize for your unique environment. This on top of high costs for the system itself, and the difficulty in pulling data out of it, makes traditional QMS expensive, time-consuming, and slow. 

QDM Cloud puts all of your quality at your fingertips, with easy setup and tools for your team to quickly add new inputs, reports, dashboards, and alerts, all the while reducing your need for maintaining the system to zero. With no need to maintain, update, or fix the system, your IT is free to do its job rather than simply keep things working. This, on top of QDM's legendary speed of delivery for quality data and SPC reports, means your quality team stays agile, up-to-date on your quality, and informed. Powerful root-cause analysis, problem-solving, and document management tools complement this to create a complete quality solution for your company. 

What's more, DCS has partners with Action Engineering to support QIF file formats for Model Based Definition initiatives. What does this mean for you?

Find out at Jennifer Heron's, Action Engineering's CEO, presentation at the AIAG Quality Summit 

Jennifer Herron, CEO & Founder and Ryan Gelotte, CTO, Action Engineering Technology allows us to accelerate and digitize our processes and improve information sharing capabilities.

Jennifer Herron, Founder & CEO, and Ryan Gelotte, CTO, of Action Engineering will discuss the utilization of Model Based Definition (MBD) and Quality Information Framework (QIF) to increase digital throughput throughout the supply chain. Their presentation examines the use of MBD and QIF in workflows that connect your information digitally, accelerating information transfers between organizations – including how this can be used to improve the PPAP submission process. 

Register and join the event in progress to watch the presentations live, or catch them on-demand!



What Else is There to See? Find Out by Downloading the AIAG Agenda



What is the AIAG Quality Summit?

Join us for two content-packed days during National Quality Month this year as we explore, “Charging Up Your QMS: Innovative Quality Tools for a Digital Industry” at the 2021 Virtual Quality Summit!

With two parallel tracks – one in English and one in Spanish – the 2021 summit will include both unique regional sessions and concurrent delivery of common content from OEMs and the IAOB.

This year’s event comes at a crucial time when major industry stakeholders have announced plans to aggressively transition vehicle powertrains toward an electric future. These changes will have a lasting impact on automotive vehicle manufacturers, and the expectations and requirements for their suppliers of all tiers, for years to come.

To support these technological transitions and evolving quality expectations, AIAG’s 2021 Virtual Global Quality Summit will explore innovations in quality tools and methods, including:

  • The impact of additive manufacturing and software product development on product development and validation in APQP and PPAP
  • The effect of digital/AI process control technologies on product traceability requirements in Control Plan and Warranty management
  • The impact of virtual auditing methods and technologies on the strategies and requirements for internal, supplier, and 3rd party QMS certification audits
  • And much, much more

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