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What's Happening in the Industry? Let's Find Out Together

Jun 15, 2023 4:14:30 PM

Tolerance Analysis Industry Survey -- Get the Final Report and Entered to Win a Thank You Gift!

Help DCS by providing your feedback on what your company is doing with tolerance analysis, and in return get entered to win a cash gift and a get a copy of the report

Survey -- get rewarded for your time!The tolerance analysis industry has come a long way. Much of this is due to the technology finally catching up to the vision. With faster computers, advanced video cards, and much, much lighter devices, engineers can now simulate far more than ever before, and it is only growing. 



Long gone are the days of being limited to lines, points, or paper, and welcome are the days of solids, model-based definition, and automation. What took weeks can now be done in days, and Quality 4.0, the idea of interconnected systems and devices, allows for information to flow and drive upstream and downstream processes without recreating models, converting drawings, or entering massive amounts of data over and over again. 

For anyone in the industry, this is all obvious. Seeing the change from drawings to CAD has been a reality for engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers for years now, and despite the tools being there, is still a hurdle many have not jumped. The Digitalization and move to Digital Twins has been a struggle for many companies who have to fight against culture, traditional methods, and outdated infrastructure. Those that have achieved these lofty ideals have seen incredible returns. Just don't be fooled that they come easy. 

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So where is the industry on this line of manual versus digital? How are manufacturers handling their data? Have the majority of manufacturers actually adopted these practices, or are they paying lip service to the vision while continuing to do things the way they have always been done?

Let's find out. 

Help us get insight into the industry by providing your feedback, and in return, we'd (DCS) like to thank you twofold. First, we'll enter you to win one of three cash prizes, and two, we'll share everything we learn with you. How often does that opportunity come up? 

There is a time limit, of course, so give us your feedback as soon as possible to make sure you're eligible for the drawing and get in before the report release!

Let's get started by clicking here 



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