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Sandvik Launches Manufacturing Solutions Website Featuring DCS and Sandvik Solution

Jul 19, 2023 12:53:42 PM

Sandvik Launches Manufacturing Solutions Website Featuring DCS and Sandvik Solution

Sandvik has launched the first version of its manufacturing solution website showcasing its connected digital and physical manufacturing solutions.

Visit the new site by clicking here: https://www.manufacturingsolutions.sandvik/

Sandvik has launched a new website featuring its digital manufacturing solutions. The site showcases Sandvik’s global solution to connect physical manufacturing processes with intelligent software solutions. Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) provides an integral part of the solution, allowing for design optimization, data management, quality control, and problem-solving, alongside its sister companies.

The new site describes all of the combined product offerings

The digital manufacturing solution provided by Sandvik goes beyond software and machines. It provides a complete end-to-end solution including design and process planning, tool management, machining and additive manufacturing, and metrology software and devices. Combining these together in an open ecosystem gives manufacturers the ability to integrate them into their existing tools and processes, combining the elements they need with their current workflows. This new approach is key to giving the solutions manufacturers want without forcing them to replace their existing infrastructure, practices, and systems.

“This is the first key step to introducing the Sandvik manufacturing solutions to the marketplace,” said Ben Reese, Director of Marketing at DCS. “The true value of each of these companies’ products really comes to light when they are combined together in a process flow that utilizes current technology and processes like model-based definition to drive quality from early design through every step of PLM all the way to final production quality. Explaining this workflow can be difficult and this new website offers manufacturers the chance to understand not just the vision, but the value they can achieve right now.”

Included customer stories and case studies

Sandvik has a vision to make the shift towards efficient and sustainable manufacturing possible thru automated and connected solutions. As the market leader in metal-cutting tools with more than 100,000 customers and 400,000 software licenses in their manufacturing software offerings, they have a unique foundation to build on. This new website lays out the first steps in the vision by bringing those offerings together in a tangible system that not only displays the approach but also the excellent brands and strong products already part of Sandvik.

DCS provides software solutions for design optimization, tolerance analysis, and quality management. Leaning on a model-based definition approach, DCS’ software gives manufacturers the tools to validate and optimize their CAD and GD&T in order to drive that quality downstream, standardizing measurement plans, correlating engineering and production, and then the tools to monitor, report, and root-cause production for any non-conformance to the CAD design specifications. This is the right connector to engineering and provides manufacturing feedback and data to act upon on the “as-built” products.

Sandvik offers a complete manufacturing solution

“Sandvik is strategically putting forth an effort to build a comprehensive metrology and manufacturing solution. This is more than a vision, this is our approach to the future of manufacturing - based on an interconnected ecosystem of quality software and metrology tools,” said Michael Ulicny, DCS CEO. “Our associate companies under Sandvik have provided a platform for cooperation and technology sharing that would have previously been impossible. Together, these changes have opened new doors for us that will also provide benefits to our customers.”

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The site is live at https://www.manufacturingsolutions.sandvik/ in its first form. New versions are expected soon alongside new information in the form of videos, testimonials, case studies, and articles to demonstrate the value manufacturers are already achieving with Sandvik’s manufacturing solution.

About Sandvik Group

Sandvik is a global, high-tech engineering group providing solutions that enhance productivity, profitability and sustainability for the manufacturing, mining and infrastructure industries. We are at the forefront of digitalization and focus on optimizing our customers’ processes. Our world-leading offering includes equipment, tools, services and digital solutions for machining, mining, rock excavation and rock processing. In 2022 the Group had approximately 40,000 employees and revenues of about 112 billion SEK in about 150 countries within continuing operations.

About Dimensional Control Systems

DCS, a SANDVIK company, provides two software systems as well as dimensional engineering services and GD&T consulting. The two software systems, 3DCS Variation Analyst – CAD integrated app used to simulate dimensional variation with the Digital Twin, and QDM SPC Platform – used to collect, standardize, and report measurement data in real-time as dashboards, reports, and charts, combine together to provide an end-to-end solution for design to production. Learn more at 3dcs.com.

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