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Career Advice - 7 Habits for Engineers to Live By

Jul 13, 2023 1:00:00 PM

7 Habits of the Highly Effective Engineer

by Paul Vickers, Senior Dimensional Engineer

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Before diving into the 7 Habits, let's take a look at the history behind them

The key to success in any job is leveraging the team's skills and working with others to achieve business results that exceed expectations and achieve business success.

I have done this through a servant-leader mentality that can be used to achieve your goals and objectives as well.

In engineering, and in many areas of life, people want to focus on tools and methods. But Principal Centered Leadership can take you farther and faster than any tool can possibly do. I'd like to show you how Principal Centered Leadership and Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Successful People come together to provide everyday habits that engineers can use to improve their results on the shop floor.

  • How can engineers achieve business success?
  • Too many people focus on tools and methods.
  • Principle Centered Leadership will take everyone farther faster than tools and methods.

Tools and Methods

Beginning with tools and methods; tools and methods are great.

What many people ask is; what are the most important tools an engineer can learn and use? They are usually looking for a few tools, usually a very small set of 1 or 2 tools. But they are asking the wrong question. Tools and methods can only take you so far. Now, tools and methods are important, but they are always in flux. Throughout the years, tools change, the use changes, and with the speed of hardware and software, becoming too focused on current tools can divert you from a more effective path.

Additionally, each application requires the right tool. So not only does focusing on tools cause you to put on blinders but can also lead you to use a familiar tool for the wrong task. These are the wrong questions.

Let’s focus on the right thing.

  • “What are the most important tools an engineer should learn and use?”
  • This emphasis on tools and methods is misguided.
  • Tools and methods are important but they aren’t the most important.

Tools and Methods are great. But, they will only take you so far, and if misused……….

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