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How Efficiently Are You Managing Your Data?

by Benjamin Reese, on Oct 14, 2014 3:13:55 PM

How Much Time Are You Spending Crunching Your SPC Metrics?

QDM Provides Automated Quality Reporting 

QDM Connects You to Your Data

Often overcoming some of your biggest challenges depends on how accessible your data is. Taking time to sort through mountains of data in multiple formats to identify issues can result in some glaring inefficiencies that can really cost your organization. Thankfully DCS has created software to effortlessly address these and other data-related challenges. 

Quality Data Management (QDM) is a suite of products that streamlines the data collection process, allowing you to collect, access and manage your data and reports from one centralized location. Basically, QDM collects data, automates then stores it using one standardized format in a centralized location, giving you instant, secure access to your information from your PC, tablet or smart phone.

QDM Connects Global Enterprise

Let’s say you’ve just produced and sent several part shipments halfway across the country, only to discover that the part involved is out of spec and has to be scrapped.  Your job is to figure out why these parts won’t fit the assembly they were ordered for, and to provide measurement data, including charts to your boss identifying the root cause, ASAP. Production must now be suspended while you locate, sift through and compare data in various reporting formats to find answers.

Rather than add another layer of complexity to this scenario, QDM organizes and interprets your data collection efforts to get you up to speed quickly, no matter how the information comes in. Because it’s intuitive, QDM can combine data from multiple sources, interpret it and present it in configurable dashboards, score cards, CAD-based graphical and statistical reports—user-friendly formats you can use to quickly understand what’s happening on the shop floor in real time.

QDM Reports SPC Metrics

Quickly Configure Reports in Minutes

With a QDM system in place, as parts are being produced and measured at your facilities, the data is being collected and monitored for any variances or trends that may indicate a problem before it occurs. If there is a discrepancy, QDM pushes mobile alerts in real time.  Centralized reporting capabilities allow you to query the system for the last report, and pinpoint the exact date and time you received the alert. From there, you can get a full report outlining the measurement data for the parts trending out of spec, so you can quickly diagnose and correct the problem without the down time.

Worried about a good fit? QDM can interpret and integrate data from various collection systems including CMM, vision systems, inline inspection systems, handhelds and more.  And, once you have a QDM system in place, you can also connect your quality documents to corresponding measurement data.

Organize Your Data Across Multiple Plants






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