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T&T Add Commands and Toolbars to CATIA 3DCS Workbench

by Benjamin Reese, on Oct 7, 2014 2:14:00 PM

Customize and Add Your Own Toolbars to 3DCS in CATIA V5-6

Find yourself using the same functions over and over? Create a toolbar with those specific functions for quick access and faster modeling. 




Tired of moving from Assembly Design in CATIA to 3DCS and back? 

Looking to consolidate your tools together for ease of use?

Here is an easy way of bringing in CATIA V5 toolbars to 3DCS. This will allow you to assign toolbars from CATIA to the DCS workbench as well as bring in specific functions. You can also create your own toolbar with any of the commands available*.

*NOTE: You will not be able to add commands from Part Design or Generative Shape Design


2-user-defined-3dcs-toolbarIn addition to moving your toolbars over and making your own, this T&T will show you how to reset your workbench configuration and toolbar setup. This can be helpful if, for example, a toolbar is missing and does not appear after turning it off and on again. Resetting the configuration brings all of the toolbars back into their default position. 







Adding Commands to Existing Toolbars


  1. 3-add-command-catia-toolbar-3dcsBegin by opening a new product in CATIA and changing the workbench to 3DCS.
  2. You can either Right Click a blank space on a toolbar, or from the top menu select Tools and then go to Customize
  3. When the Customize window appears, click the Toolbars tab. Select the toolbar you would like to customize, in this case the DCS Mechanical toolbar, and click the Add Commands... option. 
  4. Pick from the Command List, in this case we choose Translate or Rotate from the list. 
  5. Click OK to close and add the Commands
  6. All set!






Adding Toolbars from CATIA to 3DCS


  1. To add a Command, start by opening a new product in CATIA and change the workbench to 3DCS. 
  2. Select Tools and go to the Customize option. 
  3. From here, use the Toolbars tab to select New.
  4. When the New Toolbar window shows up, select Assembly Design, and the workbench toolbar you like to bring into 3DCS. 
  5. Click OK




Resetting Position and Contents of CATIA UI


  1. 6-restore-catia-3dcsStart by opeing a new product in CATIA and switch over to the 3DCS workbench. 
  2. Select Tools from the top menu and go to the Customize option. 
  3. Once you see the Customize window, you have two options:
  • To reset the position of a toolbar, select the toolbar and hit the Restore position option.
  • To reset the toolbar contents (Commands), select Restore All contents.




And that is it. To get you started with customizing your workbench, here are some helpful Commands and Toolbars we recommend adding. 



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