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DCS to Showcase New Digital Twin Technology at the 3DEXPERIENCE World Conference Booth 802

Jan 12, 2022 3:07:48 PM

Dimensional Control Systems will be demonstrating new technology that improves the Digital Twin to capture greater accuracy and provide real results for reducing production costs

Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) is a proud sponsor of the 3DEXPERIENCE World conference in Atlanta Georgia being held from February 6th to the 9th, 2022. At the conference, DCS will be demonstrating new technology that empowers the Digital Twin to simulate real product behavior and production results to catch problems before they occur reducing rework, scrap, non-conformance, and overall production costs.


Previously known as SOLIDWORKS World, 3DEXPERIENCE World brings a vibrant community of designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and business leaders together to learn, engage, share knowledge and drive innovation, around the 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS portfolio, particularly for SOLIDWORKS customers. With this event’s tight community and virtual components, there are a hundred ways to participate regardless of your ability to travel.

DCS is a Gold Partner, the first Gold Partner, for Dassault Systemes’ going back 20 years. As the developer of 3DCS software, DCS has been working hand-in-hand with manufacturers from every industry to tackle both the high costs of production problems, as well as the long product lifecycle to bring new products to market.


3DCS Variation Analyst software is a CAD integrated tolerance stack-up simulation tool used to create accurate Digital Twins and developed by DCS. Integrated into all the major CAD platforms, CATIA, CREO, SOLIDWORKS, NX, 3DEXPERIENCE, 3DCS software provides real insight into both the risk of failure from variation and the sources of variation within an assembly. As inputs, 3DCS uses part tolerances, often represented using GD&T, as well as assembly processes and assembly sequences. In order to handle gears and other mechanical components, 3DCS leverages an Add-on; Mechanical Modeler, which includes a unique tool called the 3DCS Gear Module. This allows users to simulate gear contact surfaces and standard tests, both at a stationary position and through gear rotations.

DCS has developed new tools for the Digital Twin. These include the new Gear Module to handle Gear Systems in order to reduce testing, and improve gear operation. Additional new technologies to be shown include like improved pattern simulation, collision detection with both assembly and part tolerances, and new Worst Case analysis tools to meet compliance and safety requirements.

Join DCS at booth 802, or join virtually for free by using DCS’ VIP pass. Get a free pass at https://mkt.3dcs.com/join-3dexperience-world-2022-free-virtual-registration and chat with us online during the event.


About DCS

DCS has been supporting quality management in industries including automotive, aerospace, medical device, electronics, and industrial machinery for over 20 years. DCS solutions are used daily by companies like Airbus, BMW, GM, LG, Nissan, Phillips, Sony, Textron Aviation, and VW. By applying DCS's 3D Model-Based environment for Predictive Variation Analysis and Responsive SPC, manufacturers have reduced quality costs related to yield, scrap, rework and warranty issues. Read more at https://www.3dcs.com.


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