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DCS and Capvidia to Showcase New FAI and PPAP Solution at 3DCIC Show in Golden Colorado

Feb 29, 2024 12:35:04 PM

DCS and Capvidia to Showcase New FAI and PPAP Solution at 3DCIC Show in Golden Colorado

Join Dimensional Control Systems and Capvidia in Golden Colorado to see how new technology improves the compliance reporting process. 

Dimensional Control System (DCS) and Capvidia will be showcasing a new solution for compliance reporting – FAI, PPAP, - at the 3D CIC show going on in Golden, Colorado March 3rd to the 7th, 2024.

Attendees will be able to see first-hand how this new solution provides increased efficiency and reduced errors in compliance report creation, both improving the process while streamlining the user experience. 

The 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (3D CIC) fosters concentrated conversations about CAD-agnostic digital methods for Model-Based Enterprise advancement. 3D CAD thought leaders from commercial and government organizations present their stories of success, challenges, business strategy, and technology solutions. Intimate conversation and collaboration among industry attendees and 3D CAD interoperability vendors enhance Industry 4.0 and Digital Thread initiatives.


To address the challenges faced in traditional FAI reporting processes, Capvidia and DCS have joined forces to create a new collaborative solution. Capvidia is a leading provider of 3D visualization, validation, and collaboration software, while DCS is a trusted provider of quality management and inspection software solutions.

The collaborative solution combines Capvidia's expertise in 3D visualization and validation with DCS's robust quality management and inspection capabilities. It offers a streamlined and integrated approach to FAI reporting, leveraging advanced technologies such as CAD integration, automated data collection, and real-time collaboration.

With this new automation technology, manufacturers can save time and resources by reducing the manual effort required for compliance reporting. The system automatically collects and analyzes data from various sources, such as design files, inspection reports, and test results, and generates the required compliance reports in a standardized format.


With the introduction of Capvidia and DCS's collaborative solution, manufacturers can benefit from improved accuracy, efficiency, and traceability in their FAI and PPAP reporting processes. It enables faster inspections, reduces the risk of errors, and enhances overall product quality.

DCS and Capvidia will be showcasing this new solution at the 3D CIC show, providing attendees a glimpse into the possible with new digital tools and the power of Quality 4.0 combining software solutions to create new answers to traditional problems. Learn more about these solutions at 3dcs.com and capvidia.com, and look for the upcoming webinar featuring this powerful new solution. 

About Dimensional Control Systems

DCS, a proud part of Sandvik group, provides software solutions to manufacturers to optimize design for manufacture, monitor quality production, and root cause and solve manufacturing problems. This solution combines with other Sandvik solutions to deliver end-to-end quality streamlining complicated processes and driving model-based definition from early design through production. Leveraged by manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, medical device, electronics, and energy industries, DCS solutions have helped manufacturers see powerful improvements in lead times and yield. Learn more at 3dcs.com and https://www.manufacturingsolutions.sandvik/.


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