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CATIA V5 Measure Generator - Create Measures Faster

by Benjamin Reese, on Sep 4, 2013 1:06:00 PM

Use Measure Generator to Quickly Create Measures in CAD

Tips and Tactics offer useful information tips and tactics catia v5 v6about taking full advantage of all the features that CATIA and 3DCS possess.

Save time, and frustration with these quality of life hints that make modeling faster and easier. 

Save time by using the Measure Generator to quickly create multiple measurements at multiple DCS Points. 

Whether you use 3DCS integrated in CATIA, or DCS's stand alone version, 3DCS Multi-CAD, Measure Generator can be used to quickly add points to your model.

Where is Measure Generator in CATIA V5?

Measure Generator in CATIA V5

Finding Measure Generator in 3DCS Multi-CAD (Stand Alone Version)

Measure Generator in 3DCS Multi-CAD Stand alone

How to Use the Measure Generator

Start the Measure Generator 
1.Specify the Measure type
Nominal-Point: Only requires one Point
Point-Point: Will require two points when selecting
2.Select the DCS points to apply measures to
Select Part:  Will Select all Points under the Part
Select Features:  The user can Specify which points
3.Specify the Directions
•Each of the five Directions can be used. The Measure Generator will create a measure for each direction selected (up to five).
4.Apply the Upper and Lower Specification Limits and Spec.ification Mode
5.Apply a Prefix (Not Required)
6.When finished, select the –Add --> button
7.In the Measure List, select each measure and click Apply
V5 Process

Click Here to learn more about CATIA V5 and 3DCS

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