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3DCS Version 7.10 is Here - Find Out What's Inside

Jan 4, 2023 1:39:54 PM

3DCS Version 7.10 Is Out Now

The latest version of 3DCS provides a needed stopgap for the upcoming Version 8.0 release

The new version of 3DCS, Version 7.10, is available to download from the DCS Fileshare. 

3DCS Version 7.10 provides an update to the 3DCS licensing software FlexLM, used to manage your 3DCS licenses. This improves your security and offers new licensing features that can provide a quality of life boost. In addition, Version 7.10 brings some enhancements to resolve some issues. 

As you'll see, the primary focus of Version 7.10 is to update the license software and provide support for Linux. 

Looking for new features and functions? Look for the upcoming Version 8.0 which will be loaded with new functions and features, expected Q1/Q2 of this year. 


·--> Updated FlexLM License to 11.19, up from 11.7.
·--> Resolved FlexLM Buffer overflow with FNP 11.19 license server daemon. (58782)
·--> Resolved license check system lockup with certain VPN clients active. (60053)
·--> DCS daemon now supports Linux. (71299)
·--> DCS FlexLincense Info no longer requires 2008 redist. (71643)

Read/Write to Spreadsheet:
--> Fixed an issue when reading or writing to Excel with German Regional Settings, didn't read/write the values correctly for User-DLL MTMs. (71515)
--> Read from Excel and having to Replace: Add, Update, Delete (Preferences) set will correctly create the missing MTMs. (71519)

Download the Update List (Version

Download the Update List (Version Patch)

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