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3 MBD Using Modern GD&T Courses for 2020 in Golden, Colorado

by Benjamin Reese, on Nov 8, 2019 10:32:04 AM

Action Engineering & Technical Consultants, Inc.


MBD Using Modern GD&T Courses for 2020

GD&T and MBD experts guide registrants through the

What, Why, and How of Model-Based Definition

and the right way to apply GD&T for MBD


Action Engineering and Technical Consultants Inc. partner to co-instruct classroom training courses combining Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). The 2020 MBD Using Modern GD&T course curriculum has been refined based on learnings from teaching this course to multiple companies over the last 3 years and supports the latest ASME Y14.5-2018 standard.  

DCS and Action Engineering collaborate in order to provide manufacturers with expert training and advanced software tools. These three open classes offer both DCS and Action Engineering clients the opportunity to get training when it is convenient, and in a central location. For on-site and custom classes, please contact DCS headquarters or Action Engineering directly

Course Title: MBD Using Modern GD&T 

Date Options: March 3-5, 2020, May 19-21, 2020, December 8-10, 2020 

Location: Golden, Colorado 

Cost: $1,495 per attendee

Discount: $100 discount per attendee to companies sending five or more attendees 

Details: Click Here

GD&T For MBD Courses

Course Overview 

2D drawings are evolving to 3D models, essential to any company adopting digital manufacturing and MBD. Invest in your design team’s GD&T skills, critical to the MBD implementation process. GD&T and MBD experts guide registrants through the What, Why, and How to apply GD&T for MBD. 


Who Should Attend 

Recommended for engineering professionals in any industry segment presently working in or interested in learning more about the role of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing in: 

  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Digital Twin
  • Model-Based Definition
  • Model-Based Enterprise
  • Digital Product Definition
  • Technical Data Packages

Jennifer Herron, CEO of Action Engineering, and Scott Neumann, Senior Partner and Chief Project Engineer at TCI, are MBD and GD&T experts, respectively. This will be their third year of collaboration, combining their areas of expertise and capitalizing on their exemplary teaching skills. They help write the ASME standards for product definition and GD&T and provide additional MBD / MBE and GD&T training and implementation services.     

Reflecting on comments and feedback provided by recent course attendees, both Jennifer and Scott agree: “The need is great for this type of hands-on learning to further technical proficiency in both MBD and GD&T applications. These live, hands-on classroom formats advance conversations and capabilities before the conclusion of the three-day course. At the start of the course, we always have at least one person who struggles with the benefits of Geometric Tolerancing for MBD; by the end of the week it all becomes clear.” 

Course Testimonials 

This course provided the right level of detail in three days to set a foundation for MBD.

- Michael C. Martin, AGCO Corporation


Essential information, presented in a concise and direct format.

- Andrew Entwistle, McCormick Stevenson


This was a great class that covered a lot in a short period of time. Jennifer highlights the strengths of MBD over traditional 2D drawings, and Scott does an excellent job of summarizing GD&T and explaining the basics of applying it to MBD drawings.

- Jonathan Pizzolatto, ConcealFab


Action Engineering specializes in guiding small, medium, and large organizations in effective and efficient implementation of Model-Based Definition and Model-Based Enterprise. In order to scale pockets of practice into a Model-Based Enterprise, Action Engineering assesses where an organization is at in their MBD journey and develops customized, strategic plans for MBE implementation. 

For more information visit their website.
Technical Consultants Inc. has been the top worldwide provider of Geometric Tolerancing training since 1983. Their training approach was multi-sensory long before it’s time and integrates graphics, video clips, and 3D wood and plastic models that coincide with the exercises so that students have a hands-on learning experience. Their programs are based on the latest ASME Y14.5-2018 and ISO Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS).
For more information visit their website.
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