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Understanding the Role of Technology and Tolerance Analysis in Perceived Quality

Nov 3, 2022 3:17:04 PM

Perceived Quality and the Role of Technology and Tolerance Analysis in Modern Styling

Perceived Quality is an important aspect of any design. The customer's perception of a thing is almost as important as the thing itself. If an item gains a reputation for being poor quality, dangerous, or 'cheap', then it doesn't matter how well built, well designed, or durable the product is; it will not sell well. 


Technology has revolutionized Perceived Quality with the ability to generate life-like images, models, and displays of products long before they go into production. With these elements, designers can see how the product will appear, and test it through different parameters to make sure it will live up to its true quality level. 


Dassault Systemes has put out an interview, with a video, that demonstrates this process. Have a look:

Jump to 15:24 to see the 3DCS section or click here to go there

What could be better to talk about than teamwork, High-End-Visualization and good decisions for your future product?


Designing a new product is not a task for one person or even for only one department.

Usually, it integrates designers, engineers, simulation, manufacturing, and quality experts to make it work. This requires a high level of collaboration between all these departments, which takes time and effort and is critical for the quality of your product. Now imagine you could work in an environment that ensures full collaboration between all departments, no matter who or where they are.

In this talk, we want to show you how live collaboration works within our 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Whether you work with different design variants, materials, engineering constraints, or simulation results, you can leverage the visualization, VR, modeling, and simulation data on your managed single source of truth. My guests this time will be @Stephan RITZ and @Daniel DRESEMANN.

Together we will take a closer look at the subject's Perceived Quality and Integrated Product Validation. As usual, the talk will be broadcast live right here in the community. Stay tuned!

If you have a question or want to get in touch with Stephan and Daniel, please join our community: go.3ds.com/design-styling


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