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DCS Heads to Quality Digest and MD&M

by Benjamin Reese, on Aug 23, 2013 2:32:00 PM

DCS is excited to be exhibiting at Quality Expo this year, in Booth 248.

Quality Expo


This event is huge. Like really big. Here is DCS's booth on the map to give you an idea. 

DCS Booth Quality Expo

So what are all those other areas?

In addition to Quality Expo, there will be a number of other events co-located, such as MD&M, Medical Device and Manufacturing, and Automation Technology.

MD&M ChicagoATX in ChicagoPlastec MidwestDesign & Manufacturing Midwest 

We're going to be busy. 

I have yet to experience any of these particular conferences, so look forward to not only being a part of them as an exhibitor, but also to meet the other companies that attend. 

DCS will be presenting their QDM software suite at the event. 

Those who have used DCS's other products, such as 3DCS for Tolerance Analysis, might be familiar with QDM. As a brief, it connects quality data sources with a central hub, and analyzes all of the data producing easy to use and easy to understand dashboards. A kind of EQMS or SPC system that instead of standing alone, is a way of creating synergy between current quality systems.

What I see most valuable about QDM, is that it works with a company's existing processes. So unlike many new systems, QDM does not replace your current systems. It links them together and delivers the data you need, filtered and analyzed from all of them. In essence, it combines all of your current processes into a single source, making it quick and easy to track all of your manufacturing. 

QDM Homepage Dashboard dropdown resized 600


DCS's team will be doing live demonstrations of the software and answering questions, so please stop by Booth 248 and say hello. We'd like to hear what you think about the current state of quality, and the tools that company's need to overcome the challenges of the modern global market. 

See you there!

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