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SME Thanks Its Members and Prepares for 2024 with New Outreach

Dec 14, 2023 2:44:34 PM

SME Closes Out the Year With Thanks to Its Members 

The new year will focus on University outreach and education

SME Chapter 069, Oakland County, is the largest chapter in the USA at the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. 

SME closes the year with a thank you dinner for its members. Taking place at the Clawson Steakhouse, a wonderful local favorite, SME highlighted all the events it ran this year, but also the objectives and vision of the future. 

This year, the chapter elevated a new president to lead, with Farhad Ghadamli moving to SME headquarters. John Keogh brought his incredible insight and connections to bear. It always takes new leadership a little while to get their bearings, making 2024 the chapter's breakout year for new initiatives. 


Other important members were recognized for the work including 

  • John Agapiou - the heart of the chapter who has worked to promote its educational goals for years
  • Gary Shepperd - the chapter treasurer
  • Ben Reese - Chapter communications
  • Doug Ruffley - Chapter Secretary

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PXL_20231212_000141431    PXL_20231212_000059541

Jason Workman - University Ambassador

Let's have a look at the vision for 2024 --> 

Industry Highlights and Tours

SME has many connections to the community and manufacturing industry. Chapter 069 has worked to build industry vertical groups to give businesses a chance to educate other professionals and students in the nature and practice of their profession. 

Marposs provided the last such tour that discussed measuring devices. This included the problems that occur in manufacturing exacting devices and a hands-on tour for local college engineering students to see first-hand the devices used to measure exact features, focusing on leak testing for closed systems. 

In 2024, SME will organize monthly or bi-monthly business tours to expose students and professionals to what is happening in manufacturing today. 

University Outreach

SME has a long tradition of bringing manufacturing and students together to show the many avenues of professional growth and careers available for both high school and college students. Apprenticeships, training programs, and opportunities for people who choose not to pursue a college degree are very important to SME and the community, as these provide high-paying jobs and a basis for skilled manufacturing here in the USA. 

Do you want to help the next generation find value in manufacturing careers?

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