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T&T: CATDUA V5 in CATIA Version 5, Fixing Data Errors and Issues

Use CATDUA to Quickly Fix Errors When Working with CATIA V5-6 Models

CATDUA V5 is a tool offered in CATIA for repairing data errors. 

Officially the CATIA Data Upward Assistant, as part of CATIA V5, has a number of helpful uses. These double when working with 3DCS Variation Analyst CAA V5 Based, integrated in CATIA V5-6. 

Some of the handy uses of CATDUA V5 are:

  • Recovering external data
  • Going into a new CATIA release
  • Repairing broken links in CATProducts, before opening them
  • Fixing incidents when updating a component (such as Sketch update)
  • When the Edit-Links window appears and some documents are found but have no references
  • Repairing performance problems when opening a CATProduct (because some elements have lost their links)


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