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Priority status: 10 reasons why dimensional engineering deserves it

Priority Status: 10 Reasons Why Dimensional Engineering Deserves It

A well-defined dimensional engineering (DE) process allows for the collection, analysis and application of meaningful variation measurements from design all the way through production. A process solid enough to offer these advantages is not a luxury – today, it’s a requirement for optimal engineering outcomes. Here are ten reasons why...

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Modifying GD&T and FTA in CATIA

Modify GD&T and FTA in CATIA

There are some tricks to using FTA in CATIA and creating your GD&T that can make your modeling a lot easier. Read on to find out more.


When adding GD&T to a part in Catia, Catia's  application method often causes changes in appearance. The user may have to change the surface a datum is on, reconnect a prequalifier or alter the appearance of the GD&T itself in order to properly display their GD&T. 

Here are a few tips for changing and improving GD&T in Catia. 

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Alleviate Perfectionism with the Closed-loop Approach

Alleviate Perfectionism with the Closed-loop Approach


Working with nominal builds, perfect builds, of products denies the truth: no product will be built without variation.




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