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Lean Manufacturing Just Got a Helping Hand

In the current marketplace, budgets are tight, and competition is fierce. Only by implementing leaner and more efficient processes, better technology and more robust design can companies reach the profits they desire. 

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Fit and Finish: New Marketing Buzzwords?

Fit and Finish: New Marketing Buzzwords?

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Tesla, a DCS Tolerance Analysis Customer, Has Made Waves

Tesla, one of Dimensional Control Systems’ valued customers, has had a good year.

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Would You Like to Get 285 Miles to the Gallon?

Would You Like to Get 285 Miles to the Gallon?

With some of these new concept vehicles, this dream might be a reality. Take a look at this follow up to our visit to the North American Autoshow by reviewing with some great concepts of past shows!

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Common Uses for Tolerance Advisor - Tips and Tactics


Common Uses for Tolerance Advisor: Creating and Modifying Datums and Tolerances

Tips & Tactics covers helpful hints and tutorials for CATIA V5 functions and those functions that make using 3DCS faster and more efficient.

This is especially helpful for those using 3DCS Variation Analyst CAA V5 Based, DCS's fully integrated tool for CAIA V5-V6.

This month's Tips & Tactics covers CATIA V5's Tolerance Advisor to assist with adding Tolerances, working with GD&T and with adding and modifying Datums. 

Tolerance Advisor is a helpful tool in CATIA V5 that assists with GD&T and Tolerances. With a few clicks, Tolerance Advisor can help the user add GD&T, link surfaces and add other characteristics to their model. 

This brief tutorial will walk through a few common uses of the Tolerance Advisor.

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5 Books to Teach Your Children About Engineering

5 Books to Teach Your Children About Engineering

The sun shines most days, pools are filled with clear blue water and the crickets chirp as the sun sets into the orange sky, and that means one thing: it’s summer vacation!

Well, it’s summer vacation for kids at least, and instead of heading off to catch a bus to school every morning they watch their parents jet out the door to a place called "work". But as an engineer, it can seem impossible to explain to your kids what you do most days of the week without losing their attention.

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Assembly Building (CATIA) Tips and Tactics

Assembly Building (CATIA)

Tips & Tactics are helpful articles that demonstrate useful tips and methods of dimensional analysis and modeling to speed up the rpocess and make the overall process of building a model easier. 

You'll find these most helpful if you use 3DCS Variation Analyst CAA V5 Based, the fully integrated solution with CATIA V5-V6

When building a CATIA assembly with joints and/or constraints, there are a few key rules to keep in mind.
Rules for Building an Assembly

1.   Know which assembly or sub-assembly to build in.       

a. Parts that need specific measurement controlb.      

b. Parts that make up a sub-assembly need

 to be controlled/constrained within that sub-assembly 

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